Zenit Camera to come back by Marco Secchi

A new Zenit Camera?

Back in 2014, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev talked about the possibility of re-starting the production of Zenit cameras.

The official announcement was made on Monday at a press breakfast in Moscow by the Russian state corporation Rostec, which develops, makes, and exports high-tech products.

Russia wants to launch Zenit as a luxury camera that rivals the German Leica brand.

"It's a very popular product, we want to make it a luxury device as an analogue to Leica [German camera manufacturer]," said Vasiliy Brovko, the head of Department of Communication and Information at Rostec, according to the source.

Russia wants to launch Zenit as a luxury camera that rivals the German Leica brand.

Rostec owns the Krasnogorsky Zavod optical factory in the city of Krasnogorsk, near Moscow. During the Soviet era, this plant was known as Krasnogorsk Mechanical Works, and it produced millions of still photography and movie cameras. The brands included Zenit, Zorki, and Krasnogorsk.

The Zenit was an SLR camera that was inspired by the Zorki rangefinder design. After being launched in 1953, the Zenit went on to sell millions of cameras over the following decades. The famous Zenit-E itself had over 12 million units made.

Production came to an end after the Zenit-KM Plus of 2004, and there were no SLR cameras manufactured in the Krasnogorsk factory by the next year. Now it seems that production will start back up a decade later, except the Zenit will likely produced in much lower quantities, with much higher quality, and with ridiculously hefty price tags.


Venezia Corso di Fotografia by Marco Secchi


Partira' tra breve un corso di fotografia digitale a Venezia. 
6 lezioni settimanali di 2h con almeno un paio di uscite pratiche
Data Inizio: Fine Febbraio - Primi di Marzo
Orario - Giorni: da definire ma intra settimanali e tardo pomeriggio prima serata. 
Costo: Rimborso spese E50 per il ciclo di lezioni
Info e Iscrizioni: awakeningve@gmail.com


Alain Delon, 1962 - photo by Jack Garofalo

Alain Delon, 1962 - photo by Jack Garofalo

Fuji Xpro2 my take! by Marco Secchi

Fujifilm X-Pro2

The most awaited upgraded premium camera finally arrives!

During the last couple of months I was lucky enough to try the Fuji X Pro 2 thanks to Fujifilm Slovenia! I used to own the original Xpro1 and I shoot on a daily bases with 2 Leica and I use 2 XT1 and  1 XE2 with an array of fuji lenses so was really looking forward to try this new gem.

The Fujifilm has released the long-awaited modern, advanced model, the Fuji Xpro2 compact system camera. It is one of the coolest, hippest and most desirable APS-C cameras available in the market today.



The details and Capability

The Fuji Xpro2 is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera with a Hybrid Viewfinder system that incorporates both electrical and optical viewfinders. It has an ultra advance image sensor, X-Trans III technology, for a remarkable image quality and sharpness similar to full-frame DSLRs: brand new 24.3 megapixels. It features a Hybrid AF system with 273 points, of which 77 are phase-detection and cover about 40% of the frame, while the rest is covered by contrast-detection areas for accurate focusing from edge-to-edge.

When paired with the X-Processor Pro, the sensor is delivering clean image quality with minimized noise value, along with a sensitivity range of ISO 12800 that can be expanded to ISO 51200. Besides benefitting the low-light performance, the sensor contributes to faster overall performance, including shutter lag time of 0.05 seconds, AF speed of up to 0.06 seconds, start-up time of 0.4 seconds and shooting interval of 0.25 seconds. The mechanical shutter speed is up to 1/32,000 seconds, with an enhanced flash sync speed of about 1/250 seconds, and a new X-Processor Pro that brings extraordinary improved response time for superior performance. It simply delivers the best ever result from Fuji X-Series camera.

Body and Interface Design

Fuji Xpro2 has a robust, weather-resistant body to meet the unique needs of any professional photographer in a touch shooting area. Its chassis is made of four pieces of magnesium alloy, which are sealed with more than 60 points, making it a splash-proof, dust-proof and even capable of operating at low temperatures. Besides, it features two SD card slots for reliable video and image storage.

The exposure compensation dial, shutter speed dial and finder switching lever are milled from high quality aluminum for a comfortable feel and premium look. It also features water and dust resistance command dial on both the rear and front of the camera, plus a push function that are easy to use. Its design also includes various customizable function buttons together with a 3.0" 1.62m-dot rear LCD for live view shooting, image playback and menu navigation. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to share images wirelessly to mobile devices, or remotely control the camera from your Smartphone.

What I think

The X-Pro2 is something special, the performance and capabilities of the X-Pro2 make it my instant go-to camera during my travels. The X-Pro2 excels everywhere, the camera is starting to focus before I even decide to take the shot and with the speed, accuracy and amazing colour rendition I found all I had to do was focus my attention on composition. I do not need to shoot anymore in Raw I can simply use jpg.  Put simply the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is a joy to use, it is a phenomenal upgrade to an already superb camera.

The camera will officially be sold in the market in February 2016 for £1,349.00, so get ready for a new world of photography.


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Esplanade Hotel in Zagreb by Marco Secchi

Luxury was the first word that came to mind as I walked into Esplanade Hotel Zagreb. From the breath-taking columns that held up the hotel to the old-school elegant exterior to the art décor lobby, I knew that my visit was going to be a great one. This luxurious hotel definitely lived up to all the hype.

First Impressions
I was excited to check-in and get to my room.  First, we got a really warm welcome from the bellboys that took care of my car and luggage. Then the front desk clerk made the whole process quick and easy, all with a smile on her face. Overall, the check-in process was top-notch with superior customer service.

Entering the room I was in awe. I had stayed in many hotels, and this was by far one of the most stunning room that I'd been in. The décor was beautiful and quite unique. Not to mention, the room was huge. Even the bathroom was quite spacious and luxurious with its marble, high-end toiletries, and super soft robe. The view of the city was pretty amazing, too. I was impressed by the complimentary Internet, welcome gifts, chocolate and teas and the post cards.


Zinfandel's Restaurant - Breakfast was really impressive. The selection is magnificent, everything is fresh and prepared using only the best produce. The breakfast room has a lively and buzzing atmosphere. The service was impeccable as my waiter was very attentive.

I enjoyed my visit to the spa where I had a very relaxing massage and they have a great Gym with state of the art fitness equipment

The hotel had quite a few amenities that I did not get a chance to use on this visit, but would love to try them in the future. There was Oleander Terrace and Esplanade 1925 Lounge and Cocktail Bar. 

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at Esplanade Zagreb and would recommend the hotel to anyone planning to visit Croatia. The historic building, the gracious accommodations, the award-winning food, the personalized service, the centralized location, and so much more all make it the most prestigious hotel in Zagreb.

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Christmas in Zagreb - Croatia by Marco Secchi

Advent in Zagreb 

Zagreb, the Croatian capital, is beautiful year-round, but during the Advent it looks its best. Christmas trees, lights, decorations, delicious foods and beverages, along with joyful holiday goodness made Zagreb one of the best Christmas destinations in 2015 and due to the festive and welcoming atmosphere, it was also named Best Christmas Market 2015. Along with the festive, holiday mood, there are many activities that bring the Christmas spirit to Zagreb.

Advent on the Main Square

Surprise and suspense fill the air as the Advent calendar comes to life in Zagreb's main square. Visitors enjoy the holiday spirit and take part in festive events including readings, concerts, lectures, workshops, performances, exhibitions, and light installations.

Advent on Zrinjevac

The city's old music pavilion welcomes visitors to dance, sing, eat, shop, and enjoy their time amongst the cheerful decorations and jovial atmosphere. Talented artists make their beautiful, unique ornaments and souvenirs available. Hungry visitor can choose from many delicious Zagreb specialties, including fried apples, cabbage clothes, baked štrukle, as well as mulled wine and hot chocolate. Music fills the air, too. Waltzes, Christmas classics, and other musical treats are enjoyed by all.


Ban Josip Jelačić Square

Situated at the city's main square, the open air stage hosts many unique festivities, including concerts, children's performances, and cultural and art events.

Christmas Fair

Surrounding Jelačić Square, Zagreb's artists and craftsmen offer traditional Croatian products. Shoppers are able to choose from colorful decorations, gingerbread hearts, cookies, jewelry, souvenirs, and a plethora of seasonal gifts.

Ice Park

Just like a Christmas fairy tale, the ice skating rink is home to skating, delicious foods and beverages, and joyful music events.

The Advent in Zagreb is a special event that is not to be missed. Join in as visitors stroll the city streets and sing, dance, eat, shop, and enjoy the festive entertainment in Croatia's capital city.

Not to be Missed

  • A glass of Medica will put you in a good mood straight away.  Its Rakija made out of honey and spiced with propolis. Medica is a devil in disguise. It's sweet, flows smoothly, and once you get going you don’t really stop until it’s too late. It has a certain jet lag effect as it can kick you long after you had your last one. 
  • Fritule  are aromatic bite-sized dough balls, flavoured with lemon and orange zest, grape brandy  and/or dark rum, and sprinkled with icing sugar or covered with chocolate. Like almost any home will have its bowl, there is probably no housewife, especially among older women, that doesn't have her own recipe, the best in the world!


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A visit to the city of Zagreb by Marco Secchi

A trip to Zagreb can be life-changing. It provides one of the very best opportunities to experience the Croatian lifestyle. This city offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor things to do. You could spend your afternoon walking along the beautiful cobblestones of St. Marks or spend some time at an apothecary shop that dates to 1355. Yet much of the city is quite modernized, offering all of the finer things that people enjoy.

What You'll Enjoy in Zagreb

The architecture and the rich history of Zagreb are what dominate the landscape. It is these features that many people come to see especially the 1,000-year old Gornji grad where the Presidential Palace is and the post-World War II Novi Zagreb area which is a much more modern space. Aside from the architecture, you'll find this city has more museums per square foot that virtually any other city. For those that love history, it is a treasure trove of opportunities.

Key sights to see in Zagreb include:

  • The Zagreb Cathedral with its twin neo-Gothic spires dominate the square. You'll find the tomb of Cardinal Stepinac here.
  • The Dolac Market is the largest and most colorful of all in the area. Enjoy some of the local food here.
  • Kamenita vrata or the Stone Gate in upper town is a beautiful 13th century gate with a significant amount of history dating to 1731.
  • The Funicular railway is below the Lotscak Tower. It takes to 1888 and is the oldest form of public transport in the city, which at the time was a horse-drawn tram. You can take a ride along the railway and see much of the city up close.
  • Strossmayer Gallery of Old Masters and the Museum of Naive Art is an ideal choice for those who want a dazzling display of artifacts.

When visiting Zagreb, you'll find the area is full of culture. Step back two centuries to the many towers and buildings here or enjoy both the traditional and more contemporary meals prepared here at local cafes.

Take the path less traveled by tourists by visiting Maksimir Park and Lake Jarun. You can also visit the nearby towns of Varazdin and Samobor. With numerous restaurants, local coffee shops, various entertainment venues, and dozens of stalls and shops, this is an ideal place to visit if you want a bit of history on the city as well as the region. It virtually comes to life with every cobblestone step you take.

Where to Stay

I stayed at Esplanade Hotel the most luxurious hotel of Zagreb and super Central, see my next post.

There are a lot of rental apartments that simply look fabulous and are really great value for money

Where to Eat

If you are passionate about Strukly...then there is only one place ...La Struk. Superb strukly are freshly served all day. If you are going in winter the place is quite small.....but they are really worth the wait!

  • La Štruk
  • Skalinska 5, Zagreb 10000, Croatia
  • Tel 38514837701


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Metelkova City in Ljubljana by Marco Secchi

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a quirky city. This is just one of the many reasons why I like it so much and I love spending time here. Ljubljana combines the European riverside café culture with a strange, edgy, grungy vibe. It is calm and pretty, luxurious, friendly and clean but for sure it is not a sleepy city as for example.....cannot say more.......:-)

Metelkova City the full name in Slovene I think is  Avtonomni kulturni center Metelkova Mesto, is an autonomous social centre in the centre of Ljubljana, Slovenia. It is located on the site of former military barracks, the Slovenian headquarters of the Yugoslav National Army, and was squatted September 1993.

The site consists of seven buildings and is 12,500 m² in area. The squat is named after nearby Metelko Street (Slovene: Metelkova ulica), which is named after the 19th-century Slovenian Roman Catholic priest, philologist, and unsuccessful language reformer Fran Metelko. Originally they used to siphon the water illegally but today Metelkova is legally connected to the city's water system and power grid. Today Metelkova city is made up of bars. clubs, art galleries, design studios and related activities. It hosts a range of alternative music gigs including punk, metal, techno, etc.

One thing you’ll notice about Ljubljana is that almost anywhere you walk outside the old town area, you’ll see lots of graffiti. Nice ones, about everything and anything! But head to Metelkova City and it will seem like you’ve arrived at Graffiti Central. If you like graffiti, weird art, and quirky sculptures then this is the place to head to. It’s only a few minute’s walk from the train station

Metelkova Mesto


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Human Fish Brewery by Marco Secchi

Craft beer has been a rapidly growing trend around the world over the last several years, leading to the development of dozens of microbreweries, gastropubs and festivals devoted to nothing but a sheer love of a cold brew. While favorite pale lager options like Laško and Union are still available in every pub and brewhouse in Slovenia, the craft beer industry has made its mark, most notably with the adorably named Human Fish Brewery.


With a mission to bring the Western microbrewing tradition to Central Europe, Human Fish Brewery was founded in 2008 by an Australian graduate of the American Brewers Guild looking for a new market for great beer. The original brewery was located in Slovenj Gradec, a small town in the Lower Styria region, but has since moved to a centuries old dairy farm in Vrhnika, roughly 16 kilometers from Ljubljana. In addition to a larger and more historic space, the brewery's new location boasts greater access for residents and tourists to the nation's capital on the hunt for a refreshing beer crafted by a master brewer.

Getting to the brewery is easy, and groups of ten or more are able to make tap room reservations for €8.50 a person to take advantage of brewery tours and beer samples that make for a perfect weekend or weekday outing. In April, individuals will be able to drop by for a few pints on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, alone or with friends. Human Fish Brewery features a number of specialty craft brews, including stouts, lagers, and Slovenian IPAs, with rotating seasonal taps that change every few weeks. Whether you're a local with easy access or a visitor to the area, there's always something to try if you're up to the journey.

Favorite Human Fish brews aren't limited to the idyllic countryside of Vrhnika, however; many pubs in Ljubljana offer up craft brewed favorites on tap, including Katakombe Konoba, Zlata Ladjica, and Tozd. Whether you're new to the beer game or are a lifelong aficionado of microbrews, Human Fish Brewery is one of Slovenia's best destinations for a cold, frosty beer.


Human Fish Brewery  Tržaška 27, Vrhnika    

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UnBanking Ffrees ! :-) by Marco Secchi

More than a year ago I opened a Debit Card account with Ffrees;  at the time seemed a good idea for transactions on the internet and abroad. I have had Credit and Debit cards probably for 35 years and I never had any issues with stolen identities or unauthorised charges.

Everything went well with FFrees until last week when on my statement I discovered several unauthorised charges. I called the company straight away reporting the issue.

From that very second I felt the guilty one, whatever the woman on the phone was saying was to make me feel insecure, distressed and guilty. In her view after checking their records the card was used giving the CC numbers, Security code and my address.  How was that possible?? Did I leave the card somewhere unattended? Did I pass to someone my details??

I am not an easy guy and started straight away a campaign from my Twitter account mentioning not only the  way Ffrees treated me but as well the companies involved.  The Financial director of one of the Companies calle me more or less 20min after my Twitter.... was Saturday lunchtime, he was very apologetic managed to log into the account, gave me some informations and refunded me straight away.

The other two companies were more difficult. Badoo at today has not responded yet and CGBilling in use sent several emails, so I managed to discover my card was used

Cardholder Name: AJ Garcia
IP Address:

They were helpful until........I asked a refund at this moment ....they disappeared!

Today I contacted and checked for development with my Debit Card Company  and they sent another unhelpful, unfriendly letter. Once again they made me feel I was  the one causing the problems. Why was I bothering them?? Was I really sure? Was I aware that :  "An investigation normally takes between 3 – 7 weeks but we cannot guarantee this. Please be aware that, should the investigation find that you authorised a disputed transaction, an administration charge will apply for each disputed transaction and the transaction will not be refunded"

Once again Twitter came to my help and I complained about their attitude towards me.

In less than 10 minutes someone from their call centre and this time very apologetic calls and after trying to tell me the same story as before and hearing my arguments decide to call the next level up.....and in 2 min gets back to me advising that I will be refunded in full by the end of the day and if I wanted a new card,

Sorry Ffress but I am Unbanking you!  :-)


Casatella Caseificio Zanchetta by Marco Secchi

Casatella Trevigiana is an artisan, DOP, soft cows' milk cheese from small farms in province of Treviso in the Veneto region of Italy. The origin of the name comes from the dialect Casatella Treviso, meaning "house or home" and refers to any product, cheese, bread, sausage, polenta, made in the family, and as such regarded as authentic and healthy.

Nowadays, Casatella Trevigiana is produced throughout the year thanks to mechanisation. It is a mild-flavoured cheese and is creamy, simple and delicate. It incorporates the features of tradition and innovation that make it one of the most popular dairy products with its fresh and nutritious qualities.

The Casatella from Caseificio Zanchetta includes a variety with Olives and one with Sun Dried Tomatoes..... both are fantastic!

The Caseificio Zanchetta is in Casale sul Sile not only sells Casatella but also wonderful cheeses and Salumi, Ham and Milk!!


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My Fav Hotels in Venice by Marco Secchi

A #bench at hotel #cipriani in...

A #bench at hotel #cipriani in… (Photo credit: MarcoSecchi)

You can certainly spend a great deal of money on a hotel in Venice. A night at the Gritti Palace in high summer will set you back at least £750. But for the same amount you could enjoy an entire week in most of the hotels listed here. You won’t get the same status, or quite the same service, or the same superb location, but you will still find a decently sized room, lots of character and a warm welcome.

Cà del Nobile San Marco 987, ria terà delle Colonne (528 3473; cadelnobile.com)

This hotel is just off one of the thronging routes between St Mark’s and the Rialto. Interestingly, it’s in one of the lowest points of the city: if you visit during acqua alta, you’ll be able to watch water bubbling up through the cobblestones below. Lots of stairs and no lift mean that it’s not for the unfit. Price from £79

Domus Orsoni Cannaregio 1045, Sottoportego dei Vedei (275 9538; domusorsoni.it)

In 1291, Venice’s glassworkers were banished to the island of Murano. Today, only one glass foundry remains in the city: Orsoni. Located in the Jewish Ghetto, and set in a delightful palazzo overlooking a private garden and the foundry, the Domus Orsoni channels the Orsoni family’s heritage in five rooms, resplendent with glass-mosaic-tiled walls and mosaic art works. Price from £71

Locanda Orseolo (Corte Zorzi; 041 523 5586; www.locandaorseolo.com; £160).

Step inside the hotel and you might be in a compartment on the Orient Express: elegant, enveloping, and richly coloured and furnished. But it’s the warmth of the young team at this equally young 15-room hotel that makes it really special – Matteo, Barbara and their brothers, sisters and friends. In the morning, Matteo dons an apron and cooks pancakes and omelettes to order, Barbara serves and everyone chats. The comfortable bedrooms are being transformed to echo the ground floor, complete with hand-painted murals and canopied beds. Secure one and you’ll have a real bargain.

La Villeggiatura San Polo, 1569, Calle dei Botteri (524 4673; lavilleggiatura.it)

A short hop from the Rialto markets, in an area buzzing with restaurants and residential activity, La Villeggiatura is an elegantly tasteful home-from-home. Tea and coffee-making equipment in the spacious bedrooms, and gently attentive service, add to the pleasure of a stay here. Price from £71

Hotel Centauro S Marco Calle della Vida Cpo Manin (www.hotelcentauro.com/)

Located in the historic centre of Venice just a stone’s throw from St Mark’s Square (five minutes walking distance), the Centauro Hotel offers elegant, welcoming accommodation from which you can enjoy the city’s art and culture. Housed within an ancient palace from the 1500’s, the Centauro Hotel has Venetian style furnishings from the 18th century and 30 comfortable guestrooms. Rooms have air conditioning and satellite television, some have canal views and those on the top floor have a private terrace from which you can enjoy panoramic views over the rooftops of Venice.

Al Ponte Mocenigo This is another charming 16th-century palazzo, so tucked away that you could walk right past and never know it was there. You will find one entrance down a very narrow alley just up from the San Stae vaporetto stop; the other is on the opposite side, over a small bridge. Officially it is a two-star hotel, but frankly it rivals many establishments with double that number of stars. The very smart, high-ceilinged rooms are in Venetian styles and colours. The best are numbers five and six, on the first floor overlooking a tiny canal to one side (they are classed as “superior” doubles and cost £128 in mid-season).


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Gasthof Prissianerhof in Tisens by Marco Secchi


During a short break in the area I went a couple of times to Prissianerhof, I was with my wife once and with relatives a second time
Not only the ambience was very appealing also the price performance ratio was excellent!
The Restaurant, it is also a Pension so has room, has a small nice car park anyway parking is not a problem in Pressiano.
The menu and wine list is well chosen and clearly for everyone.
With my wife we had a fantastic Kaiserschmarrn and a Ravioli with Finferli we also had a nice Strudel.
On the second day in my circle of relatives there were no complains. All were satisfied to the utmost with the food.


Especially noteworthy was the service: friendly, attentive, courteous and unobtrusive, and very professional.
In a next stay in Merano I will definitely visit again restaurant Prissianerhof!
This restaurant is especially recommended.
Many thanks for the pleasant hours :-)

Gasthof Prissianerhof
Via principale, 76 | 39010 Tisens
Tel. +39 0473 920828 | Fax +39 0473 927319
www.prissianerhof.com | info@prissianerhof.com 


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Falger Restaurant in Voellen (South Tyrol) by Marco Secchi

The Falger is a restaurant situated in the small village of Vollen (Foiana) in the heart of the South Tyrol region, it is very close to Lana and in between Merano and Bolzano

As you enter the place you are welcomed by a really setting, a delightful marriage of antique cut bricks and elegant modernity. Sitting in any table you have a wonderful view of the dining room. They also have a very nice outdoor terrace with grapes,

The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes. I had the Ravioli with Mushrooms while my wife tried the Kaiserschmarrn. They were both exquisite. It all was followed by a delicious strudel served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert. 

All the products were fresh and the dishes had the warmth of home-made food. The chefs take great care in selecting the best quality ingredients. 

The service did accompany the high quality of the cooking. Waitresses were friendly, helpful and very attentive. One of the owners was always around willing to exchange some kind words with all her clients.

The price is very good value for money I had a pleasant dining experience with food of the most exquisite flavours. For this reason we did went back and I highly recommend going to the Falger restaurant.

Famiglia Tribus - Mayenburgstr. 7
39011 Foiana pr. Lana - Alto Adige
Tel.: +39 0473 568010
Fax: +39 0473 557263



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Ona Bag Prince Street by Marco Secchi

I believe you can never have an excess of camera bags  and I trust that everybody needs to have an OnaBags. The quality is unparalleled and the look is at the same time advanced and fantastic. While pricey, these sacks will endure forever. 

The trendy and cool outline of the new ONA Prince Street camera bag bounce out at you promptly. Upon closer examination you understand it is not just another pretty bag, it is as well an exceptionally tough, down to earth messenger bag for a reduced DSLR or full mirrorless camera pack. It comes in two styles - waxed canvas with full-grained cowhide trim, or full calfskin. In both styles the fine materials and workmanship of the bag is truly evident. 

The general configuration is genuinely essential with three dividers (more accessible as extras), two substantial extending front pockets and a back laptop or tablet space. Two front calfskin straps shroud the real metal catches that are effortlessly secured or un-affixed with one hand. The straps are movable to take into account extension. 


At $269 for the waxed-canvas model and $389  and in my view the the cost is completely justified by the workmanship and materials notwithstanding the in cool great looks that is going to improve as the bag age.

On the off chance that you are searching for a strong, fundamental travel bag with a great deal of style yet very few superfluous fancy odds and ends, the ONA Prince Street is something to consider for either a little DSLR unit or mirrorless camera framework. 

I use mine easily with the two leicas and 2 extra lenses and works great!


Weight: 2.6 pounds 

Outside measurements: 12.5"L X 10"H X 4.5"D 

Inside measurements: 12"L X 9"H X 4"D

Hotel Kvarner Opatija by Marco Secchi

The first hotel to be built along the Adriatic Coast in 1884, Hotel Kvarner Opatija is a historic property often seen as the standard for elegance and sophistication of hotels in Opatija. 

Some of the more memorable visions of Opatija are on the grounds of Hotel Kvarner. The Crystal Hall is an awesome architectural sight and the largest of its kind in Opatija. It is an ideal setting for personal events like weddings or business summits. The newly-renovated terrace, situated above the Lungomare promenade, is the perfect spot to hold your outdoor event with its offer of magnificent sea views. 
Villa Amalia is in Kvarner's immediate vicinity and villa guests can use all the amenities of the historic hotel, including the outdoor swimming pool and private beach. 

Close to the city's most famous landmarks, Hotel Kvarner offers excellent accommodation on the Opatija Riviera. 
Built in neoclassicism style, the architecture of Hotel Kvarner really stands out. The façade has been restored to its original masterful appearance. Large windows allow for wondrous sea views. The highly-detailed interior recalls style of the past.  

Hotel Kvarner breathes history and class.

It is for me one of the best hotel I have ever experienced! The location is just wonderful, right ON the coast with its own "beach". 
The service was excellent and so were the rooms. Air conditioning work very well although it was well above 30 degrees outside. We had a lovely view over the sea from our room, and our own huge balcony. Loved it!
Every night there was some kind of music on the large patio next to the restaurant, lovely to have dinner and listen to great music meanwhile!
Th the dinner buffet as well as the breakfast is great!

  • Ulica Pava Tomašića 2, 51410 Opatija
  • +385 51 710 444


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Plansarija Logarski Kot by Marco Secchi


The Plansarija Logarski Kot is located in the lovely Logarska Dolina Valley, we were staying in a nearby hotel and went twice for lunch.
Food is fresh, genuine and well prepared and served . Staff is attentive
Has a nice garden with tables and a superb view of the Mountains
They have a very nice terrace as well with a lovely Slovenian Alps atmosphere.

This traditional Alpine dairy is located in the upper part of Logar valley near the road that leads to the waterfall Rinka. From the hut it offers a breathtaking view of the Planjavo, Kamnik Saddle, Brano and Turkish mountain. It has a domestic ambience of a  mountain village hut  with a nice  fireplace and serves  traditional delicacies from Solčavsko. The menu offers rustic cold meats, cheese plate, mushroom soup, charcoal kettle, curdled milk with buckwheat porridge, cottage cheese dumplings, rolls .

The hut is open from May to October, for groups but throughout the year. The cottage has 7 rooms (5 / 2, 1/4 and 1/8), with a total of 22 beds. The offer includes overnight stay, half board, bed & breakfasts, lunches, dinners

Planšarija Logarski kot

Logarska dolina, 3335 Solčava

T: +386 (0)59 958 692  |  M: +386 (0)41 21 00 17



Villa del Papa - Lucca by Marco Secchi

Featuring an impressive outdoor pool surrounded by a landscaped garden, Villa del Papa offers warm and luxurious accommodation with Tuscan style furnishings. WiFi is free in all areas. Each accommodation is located on the ground floor and comes with elegant furniture, wrought iron beds, and tiled floors with colourful rugs. The good size private bathroom includes free toiletries.

Near to mountains, the Apuan Alps and San Rossore Park, the hotel provides a peaceful setting. Guests can enjoy the picturesque gardens with table and chairs and stone walkways.
In addition, The villa's restaurant, La Quercia, is located 100 metres away and offers discounts to guests. Breakfast can be added to your booking, and can be enjoyed at the next-door café, or at the Moriani patisserie 100 metres away. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is a 15-minute drive from the property. The bust stop, with service to Lucca and Pisa, is nearby.

Supermarkets and shops are in front of the property  You'll find these well-maintained apartments in the middle of a nice town just 8 km from Lucca to be most welcoming and comfortable.
You'll have a good pool to share and a lovely private terrace with outdoor furniture.
These charming apartments are in a country setting, yet in the town. They are set in a large private park in a wonderful garden with a large swimming pool.

Via Barsotti, 98
Santa Maria Del Giudice 55100


Plesnik Hotel - Slovenia by Marco Secchi

Located in Slovenia at the head of the stunning Logarska Valley is the 29 room Plesnik Hotel offering quality, comfortable accommodation in an attractive alpine building with outstanding views in the midst of pristine and tranquil mountain scenery. The hotel offers a good restaurant with superb cuisine including traditional dishes of the Solčavsko region as well as international specialities. There is also a wide selection of wines and other beverages.
From the terrace, you can experience first-class cuisine while enjoying a beautiful view of the valley and the mountaintops.

The hotel has a fantastic pool and wellness centre.
The public spaces at the Plesnik are really nice. A beautiful terrace outside of the restaurant that looks onto the mountains, a nice lobby with red leather sofas, and generally well-maintained outdoor and indoor spaces.

We stayed for three days with my wife mid July. The hotel is nicely chalet style decorated and all the staff were quite helpful .
We had a room that faced the mountains, with small balcony. I'd recommend because the view is magnificent.

Breakfast and dinner are served buffet style or you can have a la carte menu they use local and fresh produce, it is very well prepared and lovely!
A wonderful place to get away from it all in comfort.

Ask for Nina Plesnik and mention my blog!

Address: Logarska dolina 10 3335 Solčava
Phone: +386 3 839 23 00
Fax: +386 3 839 23 12
e-mail: hotel@plesnik.si


Acqua Alta Bookshop in Venice by Marco Secchi

If you like to shop, there is something unbelievably enticing with regards to a completely independent and privately owned bookshop.

Particularly if it's full of magical nooks and crannies as well as with a mysterious old books scents, especially if there doesn't seem to be any reasonable order or logic  for the mayhem that lies inside the store.

 To all of this you must add a special location being on a typical Venetian canal and now you've got a good competitor for the most wonderful bookshop. That is without any doubt what the handwritten sign says in front of the Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice which means "High Water Bookstore".

Using stacks of books, encyclopedias, guides, fanzine, comics etc  to fill every possible space including a full-size gondola as well as few boats and outdated bathtubs, this shop's for sure has a quirky personality. Some of the outdated guides, just like old encyclopedias and books have now become part of the building, acting as stairs, wall space, seats.

Acqua Alta has for sale brand new as well as second hand guides and books.

The owner is 73-year-old Luigi Frizzo, has travelled the world before he made the decision to open the shop with his friendly four cats! 

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