10 Ways to Increase Your Stock Photography Earnings / by Marco Secchi

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I just came across this article by Dan Bailey that makes an interesting reading

The stock photo industry has become saturated with imagery during the past few years. With the enormous amount of imagery available on the internet through different stock agencies, things have gotten so competitive that just signing and getting on board with one of the big agencies, like Getty, Corbis, Alamy or iStockphoto is no guarantee that you’ll see a sizeable income, or any income at all.

If you’re going to compete and make money with your photography, your imagery not only has to be top notch and it needs to be marketable. In order for it to sell, you need to produce the kind of work that photo buyers look for on a regular basis.

Here are 10 essential tips to help you ramp up your stock photography earnings. Read the full article at

10 Ways to Increase Your Stock Photography Earnings | Daniel H. Bailey's Adventure Photography Blog.