Acqua Alta Bookshop in Venice / by Marco Secchi

If you like to shop, there is something unbelievably enticing with regards to a completely independent and privately owned bookshop.

Particularly if it's full of magical nooks and crannies as well as with a mysterious old books scents, especially if there doesn't seem to be any reasonable order or logic  for the mayhem that lies inside the store.

 To all of this you must add a special location being on a typical Venetian canal and now you've got a good competitor for the most wonderful bookshop. That is without any doubt what the handwritten sign says in front of the Libreria Acqua Alta in Venice which means "High Water Bookstore".

Using stacks of books, encyclopedias, guides, fanzine, comics etc  to fill every possible space including a full-size gondola as well as few boats and outdated bathtubs, this shop's for sure has a quirky personality. Some of the outdated guides, just like old encyclopedias and books have now become part of the building, acting as stairs, wall space, seats.

Acqua Alta has for sale brand new as well as second hand guides and books.

The owner is 73-year-old Luigi Frizzo, has travelled the world before he made the decision to open the shop with his friendly four cats! 

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Address: Sestiere Castello, 5176/B, 30122 Venezia, Italy

Phone:+39 041 296 0841

Open dayily · 9:00 am – 8:00 pm