Marco Secchi Photographic Exhibitions




If you have a gallery or a space and would like to host an Exhibition of Marco’s Work please do contact Adele Rider at this email address

While we are always open minded and interested in hearing about new projects and ideas for galleries exhibition we prefer to present Marco’s current work

At present Marco’s traveling exhibitions are

– Big Ships in Venice

– Venice in Black and White

– Venetians artisans at work

– “Abandoned C” (Please ask for private link)

– Mostar 20 years (Please ask for private link)

If you are inquiring about hosting an exhibition of Marco’s photographs and work here are few guidelines

  • Marco’s work rarely can be part of a Group Exhibition and only if the chosen theme really requires a group
  • At this stage we concentrate only on Solo Exhibition
  • While we do not require you to print or buy prints from us or from a specific printer, unless we know the printer we will request a small sample before approval
  • Please send us a plan of the Gallery or Exhibition space
  • Please contact Adele Rider at this email address for any request




 Recent Past Exhibitions

Križevniška-  Ljubljana (Slovenia)

"Absence of Paths" Tunisia Pavilion  57th Biennale Arte Venice (1 photograph)

Gallery Orangerie Neuchâtel (Switzerland)

Gallery St Petersburg (California, USA)

Szentendrei Muheli Galeria (Hungary)

Kordax Art Budapest (Hungary)

Innsbruck  2015 Galerie 14

Wien 2015 West Licht Gallery

Nice (France) current 2015

Dubrovnik 2014 Unjetnicka Galerjia

London 2014 Brick Lane Gallery

Wien 2014 West Licht Gallery

Marseille 2014 DeVisu Gallery