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Every day is another chance to change your life, and every picture is a snapshot of a moment in time.

Who I Am: I am Marco Secchi, a professional photographer fluent in Italian and English, operating across Venice, Ljubljana, Budapest, and the broader Balkans area. My work, celebrated for its distinctive style, is exclusively represented by Getty Images. As an editor, I specialize in portfolio review, adeptly selecting images with a commercial and aesthetic appeal. To read more about me you can check Wikipedia 

Recent Achievements: Recently, I showcased my artistry at a solo exhibition in Ljubljana, where I shared my latest black and white photography collection. This exhibition marks a significant milestone in my journey, reflecting my evolving narrative through the lens.

I have also appeared in three distinctive interviews  one is here  one is here and the last is here

Personal Journey: Photography is more than a profession; it's a collection of stories and experiences. One of my most cherished memories is from a recent workshop in Venice, where the interplay of light and shadow in the city's alleys brought alive the magic of black and white imagery for my students.

Workshops and Masterclasses: I have expanded my offerings to include new workshops in Venice and Budapest, alongside group workshops designed to cater to diverse learning needs. These workshops are a blend of technical skill-building and creative exploration, tailored for both seasoned photographers and enthusiasts.

Social Media Evolution: Embracing the dynamic world of social media, I've recently shifted my focus to platforms like Flipboard, while moving away from others like X (formerly Twitter). I'm also excited to explore the realms of BSky and Threads, diving into new communities and conversations.

Technical Mastery: Currently, my passion lies in the realm of analog film photography, particularly medium format black and white. This medium challenges me to capture the essence of a moment, bringing an unparalleled depth and texture to my work.

Join My Journey: Stay updated with my latest adventures and insights by following me on Flipboard . Let's embark on a photographic exploration together!

Commitment to Excellence: My photographs have been featured in permanent collections of various museums and have graced numerous international exhibitions nd they regularly feature in newspapers, magaines and books around the world. With over 12 years of social media experience, I've built a trusted community of over 70,000 followers across major platforms. I assist brands in crafting engaging social media strategies, ensuring their stories reach and resonate with the right audience.

The Art of Printing: From fine art prints to zines and books, I believe in the power of physical prints to immortalize ideas and stories. My team of designers and printers are dedicated to bringing your visions to life, crafting tangible memories that stand the test of time.



“These guys are seriously talented! Marco was super professional with buckets of creativity. Easy to work with and the quality of product shots is exceptional”
Absolutely amazing product photos! We had a great day and were very impressed with the care and expertise taken to provide us with the perfect images
Marco was great on the shoot, keeping me involved throughout and post production he was great to work with making sure I got the best shots .
Jay and Carol
I'm extremely happy with my product shots, they look amazing! The quality of service and passion to get it right makes the experience easy.
Deborah and Carlo
Simply Amazing! After been given an extremely short deadline they worked so hard and produced a fantastic image that will appear in Vogue!
It was an absolute pleasure working withMarco I'm extremely happy with my product shots, they look amazing! The quality of service was second to none.