About me......


Every day is another chance to change your life, and every picture is a snapshot of a moment in time.

I am an Italian, English speaking, professional photographer; I work in Venice, Ljubljana and Budapest covering the whole of Slovenia, Hungary, Italy and the Balkans Area. Getty Images represents my work. I double as an Editor so I have experience in portfolio review and choosing the right images that sell!

I am passionate about Black and white photography which  is a wonderful medium that allows me to tell a story in a very personal way. There are times when color may not be intended to be part of the shot at all, but rather just serve as eye candy, distracting from the subject matter.

I provide images for the editorial and commercial markets. I have experience working in many different types of environments and I have a relaxed yet focused style that helps in producing the right look for your article, campaign or book.

My photographs are in the permanent collections of a few museums and have been shown in many exhibitions around the world.

I have been involved in Social Media for over 12 years and have built a high level of trust and integrity with over 50,000 followers on the different major platforms. I am experienced in successfully promoting my work and selling online, from exhibitions selling fine art photographs at 5 figures to launching top companies selling workshop and tours

In a world where brands increasingly need to deliver engaging social media, I help them build and manage their communities on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. I make sure that they are meeting their objectives in the ways that work best for them while also reaching new audiences. In the end, I am all about making social media easier to digest!

Finally I’m passionate about printing from fine art to Zines to books because it is the best way I know to communicate thoughts and ideas in a unique physical form that will be kept around forever. And with my team of designers and printers I can execute your idea, I crave it every single day!



“These guys are seriously talented! Marco was super professional with buckets of creativity. Easy to work with and the quality of product shots is exceptional”
Absolutely amazing product photos! We had a great day and were very impressed with the care and expertise taken to provide us with the perfect images
Marco was great on the shoot, keeping me involved throughout and post production he was great to work with making sure I got the best shots .
Jay and Carol
I'm extremely happy with my product shots, they look amazing! The quality of service and passion to get it right makes the experience easy.
Deborah and Carlo
Simply Amazing! After been given an extremely short deadline they worked so hard and produced a fantastic image that will appear in Vogue!
It was an absolute pleasure working withMarco I'm extremely happy with my product shots, they look amazing! The quality of service was second to none.