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Discover the Essence of BW, Analogue, and Street Photography

Welcome to my workshop series, designed for those who share my passion for the timeless beauty of black and white, the tangible authenticity of analogue, and the raw storytelling of street photography. As a Getty Images photographer who thrives on capturing life's unscripted moments, I'm excited to guide you through the streets of Venice, Budapest, and Ljubljana, sharing the skills and insights I've honed over years.

Why This Workshop?

  • Direct Learning from My Experience: Dive into the intricacies of BW and film photography, drawing directly from my personal journey and professional expertise.
  • Practical, On-Location Shooting: Experience the thrill of discovering and capturing stories on the streets, using natural light and composition to create striking images.
  • Creative and Technical Skills: From choosing the right film to mastering post-processing techniques for black and white images, enhance both your creative vision and technical prowess.

Workshop Highlights

  • Practical lessons in BW and analogue photography, understanding film types and development processes.
  • Exploring street photography, learning to spot and capture fleeting moments that tell powerful stories.
  • Enhancing your post-processing skills to bring the best out of your black and white photos.


  • Locations: Venice, Budapest, Ljubljana
  • Duration: From Three Hours to Three days
  • For all skill levels, from beginners to advanced photographers.
  • Equipment needed: a big smile and possibly your camera!

Join Me Embark on this photographic journey to explore and capture the world in BW, Analogue, and Street Photography. 

For more information and to sign up, visit

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